The Box

The band are all seasoned musicians and have worked constantly in other bands playing across the UK and Worldwide.

The Box came together only a year ago as old friends reunited and with a common aim to do something a bit more challenging. We have tended towards blues and rock not as a concrete decision, it just seemed our natural course as much of the music we play we grew up with.

We perform music by these Artistes ;

Derek Trucks/Susan Tedecshi—Bonnie Raite—Delanie & Bonnie—Lou Reed—Patrick Stump & Daryll Hall—Stevie Ray Vaughn—tom Petty/ Stevie Nicks—ZZ Top. ….and more.

Line up;

Kenny Farrell – Guitar/vox

Andy D. Foxxe – keyboards/vox

Pete Kenny -Bass

Julie MC – Vox

Dave Orford- Drums