Here at Stamps, we’re passionate about cask ale. Over the years we’ve had literally 1000’s of different beer on from both small and large breweries.

Since opening Stamps Brewery, we have one of our six hand pumps reserved for our own brew and rotate the other five with a mixture of beers.

In the cellar this week

Updated 14/11/18 (in no particular order)

  • Blond & Ambitious – Dunscar
  • Harvest Pale – Castle Rock
  • 1st – Stamps
  • White Rat – Ossett
  • Halo – Cross Bay
  • Jaipur – Thornbridge
  • Snowdonia – Purple Moose
  • Lemon Dream – Salopian
  • Shropshire Gold – Salopian
  • Radler – Lytham
  • Lemmon & Ginger – Milestone
  • Cascade – Milestone

And many more to come!!!!

If you have any suggestions or recommendation for beers you’d like on, get in touch and we’ll see what we can do!