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Minced Beef And Onion Pie -Pullman Jack’s


Pullman Jack’s “Minced Beef Steak & Onion in Guinness” pie is made from, yes you guessed it….. Minced beef steak and onion in Guinness, topped off with a light Puff Pastry lid.

The perfect accompaniment to a pint of ale.

*** Thursday Delivery Only @ £20 Minimum Order***

We deliver every Thursday to the North Liverpool area only.

L20, L21, L22, L23, L30, L31, L37 and L38

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Minced Beef Steak & Onion in Guinness Pie:

Allergens: Gluten, Egg, Sulphur Dioxide

Cooking Instructions:

All Pies come delivered frozen.

Cook from frozen.

Gas Mark 7/Electric 175c for 35-40 mins. (Slightly less for Fan Assisted Ovens).

Allow Pie to rest slightly before eating.

If defrosted DO NOT re-freeze, allow slightly less time if defrosted.


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