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Blond Moment – 3.6% – Stamps Brewery


A pale coloured beer using predominantly Citra hops producing a smooth floral and citrus aroma, and flavour, a good session beer.

1x 20l (36 pints) bag in box.

*** Friday Delivery Only ***

We deliver all bag in boxes every Friday afternoon to the North Liverpool area only.

L20*, L21*, L22*, L23*, L30*, L31*, L37*, L38*


Contains malted barley and wheat.

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How Does it Work?

After the beer has conditioned at cellar temperature, the casks are tapped, vented and left to settle in exactly the same way we would treat them in Stamps.

Once the beer has settled and we have checked that it’s nice and clear, we then decant it into a double lined food-grade bladder taking care to fill it all the way to the top without leaving any room for oxygen that would later spoil the beer.

We then cap the bag with a push-and-squeeze style dispenser, seal up the box and it’s ready to be taken away and enjoyed.


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